Properties of Steel Frames Joists and Trusses

Properties of Steel Frames Joists and Trusses

Steel structure is one of the crucial components that is required to bring a construction project to a higher standard of quality. Steel frames, joists and trusses, allows for the project to be stronger, more durable, highly sustainable as well as highly cost effective. When comparing steel structures to timber structures, steel structures are able to undergo an extensive amount of stress and movement, which are key issues to address when building to withstand earthquakes and cyclones. By incorporating steel structures into construction projects is vital, and that’s why our team at Saffron Steel has raised the construction industry bars by several notches.

While maintaining optimal product quality to meet the regulatory standards and adhering to compliance, we ensure every single aspect of clientele criteria is met. Our company provides

high-quality, sustainable, and reliable steel construction products. Our material has been thoroughly tested to ensure that Saffron Steel is offering products like no other. With decades of experience, we opened up new doors to ensure our products will help construction companies and builders to create a new perspective in the construction industry.

What makes steel frames indispensable for the construction industry?

  1. By using steel frames and trusses, overall construction period can be reduced significantly,

allowing for companies and independent builders to have a faster turnover period

  1. Steel is one of the strongest and most durable elements in construction projects. So, its use within the construction industry ensures that commercial or residential structures have the highest strength degree and offer maximum
  2. Despite having the highest strength and durability, steel frames and other structures are lightweight, making maneuvering easy. Plus, it adds more stability to the entire structure, preventing wobbling or the fear of collapsing under the huge
  3. With cost-friendliness, the use of steel frames and trusses can reduce the overall project budget by a significant amount.

Applications of Saffron Steel frames, joists, and trusses

Several construction projects can be completed with Saffron steel frames, joists, and trusses.


Our steel-based products construct residential structures, not only do we provide framing, trusses and joists, we are also able to include pillars, columns, and roof panels.


We also provide our steel frames and trusses to commercial construction projects where they can be used to build the entire infrastructure, ceilings, roofs, and even high-end walls.

Our products at Saffron Steel

  • Design Drawings
  • Certification
  • Structural steel
  • Steel wall frames
  • Steel floor joists
  • Steel roof trusses
  • Connection Details (screws, joist hangers)

The pillars that make Saffron Steel the best in the market

  1. Hard-to-match strength: Our steel products are known for incredible strength that won’t falter in the upcoming
  2. Faster and easier implementation: We ensure to fabricate quality Steel frames and other products so they can be implemented easily and
  3. Termite and bug-free: We Looking to learn more about steel frames, joists, and trusses? Check out our latest blog post where we dive deep into the properties of these key structural components. Design our steel products to ensure their durability and longevity are not compromised due to termite and bug
  4. Flexibility: With our steel frames and trusses, you can enjoy a higher degree of Under a high quantity load, the material will flex instead of being crushed or crumbling under pressure.
  5. Recyclable: Saffron Steel products are completely recyclable and eco-friendlier. We ensure the products can be used in different ways over and over again. By having minimal waste, we are ensuring that the environment is not affected by our business.

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