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Changing The World With Saffron Steel Frames


We, the Saffron Steel Frames, perpetually revolutionise how we build structures. The trusses in Melbourne and Sydney have structural frames which are lightweight yet solid, making them the perfect solution for architects, engineers, and contractors looking to build high-quality and durable structures. Not only are Saffron steel frames and trusses more reliable than traditional methods, but they are also much faster and easier to install, making them an ideal choice for any project. Our framings will provide you with everything that you have ever needed.

Additionally, Saffron Steel Frames are very eco-friendly, as they require fewer resources to manufacture than traditional materials, reducing the environmental impact of construction projects. Their trusses and structural frames are designed to be strong enough to hold up against extreme weather conditions. They also come with an easy installation process and have a long-lasting warranty, making them an ideal choice for any construction project. All of these benefits make Saffron steel frames a perfect choice for any trusses. Furthermore, we highly believe in catering for nothing but the best and we are here to make a difference. The difference that initiates better solutions for our customers.


Our Products

Being the leader in the industry since its inception year, Saffron steel frames has built a reputation for providing reliable, versatile and cost effective products along with tailored customer service. In addition to that, Saffron’s 20+ years of experience in the International Construction industry has made it proficient in the design of steel framing using innovative design techniques along with the state-of-the-art 3D engineering software. Our business is flourishing year on year yet remaining true to our mission.

Structural Steel


Our structural steel solutions amalgamate well into our framing systems making us the most reliable and trusted frame suppliers. Following components are manufactured and delivered by us:

      1. Universal beams
      2. Steel ceiling battens
      3. Columns
      4. Cleats
      5. Channel

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Steel wall frames


Our customized steel frames are made by machine with precision which makes them stronger, safer, durable and easier to install. Design flexibility of the steel frames enables us to build all types of complicated designs having pre-cut service holes ready for wiring and plumbing. Besides, engineering bracing, fixing supplies, erection manual etc are all part of our total frame solution


Steel Roof Trusses


Our roof trusses are built from top quality steel procured from TRUECORE® ensuring maximum durability, solidity, safety and reliability. Moreover, the architectural flexibility allows us to create a variety of different shaped roof trusses, pitches and spans as per client’s needs assuring straight and true roof lines and ceilings in every application.


Steel Floor Joists


Our customized steel joists provide an opportunity for large open spaces in the floor areas. The impressive strength-to-weight ratio affords flexibility for designers, increases strength, minimizes floor deflection, reduces cranage costs and increases installation speed. Furthermore, the installation of services such as plumbing, electrical and air conditioning ducts etc becomes way more easier.

Do you know the process of building with Saffron Steel Frames? 

Building with Saffron Steel frames in Melbourne and Sydney is an easy process that involves selecting the desired structure and components, assembling the frames, and securing it. The frames are designed for easy installation and can be erected by hand or with the help of machinery.

Saffron Steel Frames are developed from top-notch steel and can be utilised to help walls, roofs, and different designs. With our solutions, you get a steady stage for further development work. It’s likewise exceptionally impervious to erosion and decay, making it ideal for any climate.

What makes Saffron Steel the best in the market?

The frames can also be configured to meet different requirements, providing versatility and cost savings over traditional methods. Additionally, Saffron Steel frames screw their brackets together, which ensures uniformity in every joint and a robust and secure connection between all components and is suitable for all trusses. This level of quality and safety is unmatched by any other truss or structural frame on the market today, making Saffron Steel Frames the best choice for any construction project in Sydney and Melbourne.

Future with Saffron Steel Frames

As construction methods and materials continue to evolve, so does the importance of Saffron Steel frames. They are becoming increasingly sought-after for their ability to create lighter, more resilient structures with greater longevity. As a result, Saffron Steel frames, along with their trusses, are becoming an essential element in many contemporary construction projects. Saffron Steel Frames are expected to rise as trusses, engineers, and builders look for more substantial, dependable materials for their projects. The combination of strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness make Saffron Steel Frames the perfect choice for any construction project.


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Strive for Excellence


Taking ownership

Termite Infestation Zones in Australia 




Why Choose Steel Frames

We, at Saffron Steel, build each frame as if it is our own home where-in safety and quality is our utmost priority and each product stands the test of time and unrivaled customer service.


Our rich expertise allows us to deliver all the assigned projects placidly, safely, well-timely and beyond your expectations. Not just that, we continually strive to improve our quality as well as performance to meet the growing needs of our clients. We have attained excellence in manufacturing eco-friendly and natural disasters resilient steel frame structures. We are recognized for:


Termite and Borer Proof


Highest strength to weight ratio ensuring solid foundation


100% Recyclable


Able to withstand Natural Disasters


Fire Resistant 


 Zinc alloy coatings resists the effects of Rusting


Zero mold or fungus Infestation


Superior to timber at a competitive price


Frequently Asked Questions

It takes 2-4 weeks to deliver the end product.

Certainly not. There aren’t many trades on the site which the builder has to accomplish.

Yes. We do appoint a third party registered engineer to certify our steel framing.

We provide you with everything which is required to install the frame from fixing the roof to fastening the linings externally as well as internally.

No, steel doesn’t contain any adhesives or chemical glues to degas and contaminate indoor air quality which other engineered wood products do.

If floors are installed accurately, they don’t squeak.