It takes 2-4 weeks to deliver the end product.

Certainly not. There aren’t many trades on the site which the builder has to accomplish.

Yes. We do appoint a third party registered engineer to certify our steel framing.

We provide you with everything which is required to install the frame from fixing the roof to fastening the linings externally as well as internally.

Specifically designed screws and nails are available in the market to fasten steel frames and linings to frames.

Galvanized steel is better as it provides protection against rust and can heal cuts, abrasions and scratches in the steel because of the zinc coating

Yes, because of thermal regulation which means steel framed homes remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This leads to spending less money on heating and cooling a steel framed home.

No, steel doesn’t contain any adhesives or chemical glues to degas and contaminate indoor air quality which other engineered wood products do.

If floors are installed accurately, they don’t squeak.

Certainly yes. Steel frames are conducive to any kind of structural addition and modification.

The exterior of the building can be cladded with either brick, weatherboard or sheet products, having high thermal conductivity whereas there are a variety of products for the interior part.

Though steel frames are lightweight, yet once fixed together, they become extremely tensile and prove to be far more superior than timber.

The resilience, ductility, lighter structure, and non-combustibility of steel frames helps in defending buildings and homes against fire, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other environmental events.

No, it wouldn’t as the zinc coating on the steel protects it from getting corroded.

Yes, it is. The pre- engineered steel frames act as a protector which transfers the energy of a lightning strike down to the ground leaving the people inside unharmed.

There are countless advantages of steel over timber and few of them are stated below:

  • It is more durable and resistant to water damage
  • It doesn’t warp, twist and rot
  •  It is less likely to grow mold/fungus on its surface
  •  It is 100% termite proof